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Stealth Digital Media is the answer to growing your business within the digital universe. The modern business cannot excel without a dominant presence in the digital marketplace. Stealth Digital Media is a titan in the digital marketing world. We use the most innovative and sophisticated analytical approaches to maximize any advertising budget.

The Internet has become an enormous arena for advertising, with trillions of clicks happening each day. However, within this gigantic marketing playground, there are really only a few truly “BIG” players that control how and where those clicks are going.




Incorporating our roles at work

Checking your ego at the door

If we have these three things, the team will flourish.

Stealth Digital Media is in an extremely competitive and fast paced company in which change is inevitable and always occuring. Our teammates are never bored, because there is always new things to learn, new projects to attack, and higher levels of performance to reach.


Stealth Digital Media is a leader in digital marketing. Operating as a performance based marketing company, Stealth Digital Media has the ability to control and monetize over 500 million impressions every day. Mostly monetizing and driving traffic to its privately owned products. To accomplish a positive ROI, the Stealth Digital Media team is competing for online advertising space against the biggest companies in the world. Mostly display advertising but also; social media, email, search engine, retargeting, paid ads, and Native Advertising.


Being big sports fans and growing up around team sports and competition, the CEO and VPs of the company treat every staff member like a respected teammate. The philosophy is simple: Teamwork.

What it’s like to work for Stealth Digital Media:

Working for Stealth Digital Media promises to bring on excellent skills and experience to add to your resume. Learning how to perform specialized skills that can impact an entire team is what breeds success.


Performance based company that rewards it employees:

Stealth Digital Media puts the employee front and in the center of their financial future. As an employee, your performance is directly related to the overall success of you, as an individual, and your entire division. A pay for performance policy is very cut and dry. Either an employee performs to a set of standards clearly stated from the beginning or they do not.


In combining his natural passion for teamwork with his entrepreneur attitude John founded Stealth Digital Media in 2011 with one other friend. As the business had success, John continued to bring on board friends and family members he was able to trust to help them grow the business into what it is today.

Today, Stealth Digital Media has over 50 teammates (John and his team often likes to refer to employees as teammates). One of Stealth Digital Media’s greatest accomplishments is that some of the very first people hired 6 years ago, are still with the company. Loyalty to the company and to each other is a key philosophy in how the business operates.

Stealth Digital Media Mission Statement

At Stealth Digital Media, it’s our mission to generate the highest possible margins within the VAST online market-space. We will continue to dominate huge volumes of specific segments of traffic through our own proven formula of performance-based marketing combined with proprietary statistical analytical strategy.

About us:

About the company:

Stealth Digital Media Philippines is an American company that provides back-end support, processing, digital marketing, and front-line customer service to Stealth Digital Media NY, USA. Stealth Digital Media is a leading provider of fitness and health products in the United States, and has recently established a branch in the Philippines to expand its services to its customers.

Stealth Digital Media Philippines is the next biggest venture of Stealth Digital Media. It is planning to open its office in Q2 of 2018 and expecting to start with a team of 150 – Philippine based employees.


Stealth Digital Media is seeking exceptional candidates that can contribute to the growth of our dynamic company. We’re looking for candidates who are passionate in their pursuit of excellence, demonstrate an enthusiastic spirit and are dedicated to winning.

Content Writer

Office based CSR (Ayala-Alabang)










Stealth Digital Media was founded in August 2011 and in 2011 acquired its first two full time employees and breaks even in year-1. Stealth Digital Media has always been and will continue to be fully self-funded. Stealth Digital Media currently has no significant property, plant or equipment costs or liabilities.
Stealth Digital Media gets first exclusive media contract. The team increases to 6. Stealth Digital Media gets first of many international clients. Stealth Digital Media acquired its first billion-dollar client.
Stealth Digital Media started its movement into to product development realm of the marketing industry. Stealth Digital Media spawns off several new ventures; SAGE Properties, Phase3 LLC and Hot Light LLC. Stealth Digital Media currently has a working staff of seven full-time and one part time staff member. Stealth Digital Media on track for even more incremental growth based on current YTD metrics.
READY, SET, GO, 2014
Stealth Digital Media’s goal for 2014 was to enter and expand its’ business into the field of development work. A growing sector of the online marketing industry is the creation of web-based “offers”, (services and products) which are marketed to the Internet user both domestically and internationally. Stealth Digital Media has become one of the highest revenue generating companies within its niche of the online marketing industry. As we become more versatile, our vision is to expand into the realm of developing our own products- and in turn leveraging our online marketing expertise to market and sell these products in the web and mobile space. Goals for 2014 include the marketing and creation of online dating services, niche websites, internal tracking tools and more.
2015 = GROWTH
Utilizing our knowledge from 2014, we were able to re-brand and launch several new products in the online marketing industry in 2015. The success of 2015 enabled us to grow our team and focus on “specialization” which is now a key component of the companies success. The company has grown to over 30 employees.
Expansion Continues. We now manage and maintain over 100 websites with multiple offers for consumers. Stealth Digital Media hires a team of software and web developers to aid in accomplishing these projects. We now have multiple products that are sold on a global scale and have grown the team to 40+ employees.
Stealth Digital Media has maintained its growth and now has over 50 employees. With multiple products and services in the “pre-launch” phase for 2018, Stealth Digital Media has worked diligently and with precision to bring to market some new, revolutionary ideas and branch out into additional streams of revenue.

Stealth Digital Media launched Stealth Solutions & Digital Marketing in Madrigal Business Park, Ayala-Alabang, Philippines, a full subsidiary of the Stealth Digital Media team in New York. From a core team of digital marketing experts and customer representatives, we expanded to a full office by the end of the year, employing more than 50 full-time employees.


Stealth Solutions & Digital Marketing Philippines celebrated its first anniversary in spectacular fashion, with John Giardino, Stealth Digital Media founder, and CEO, in attendance. The core function of the Manila office expanded from providing operational support to having its own autonomous production team, customer support team, and logistics team. With the exponential growth experienced in 2019, the company moved its headquarters from New York to the Philippines.


While the global pandemic was at its worst, Stealth Digital Media launched a program to support its employees, and provide means for sustainable employment and income. The company retained 100% of its employees, without the need for restructuring, or delaying income and payroll. Flexible work arrangements were implemented, and the company experienced its most exponential growth in 2020.


The strong momentum of 2020 allowed the company to expand even further and increase its bandwidth and footprint in the digital marketing space. Stealth Digital Media launched twice as many projects in 2021 than in the last 10 years combined. By continuing to hire top-notch talent, and providing advanced internal training and flexible work arrangements to its employees, Stealth Digital Media grew steadily. Stealth Digital Media maintained its core attribute of extremely low employee attrition rates and faster career advancement for all of its employees.

Stealth Digital Media’s headquarters in Manila is now a top destination for rising talents in the fields of digital marketing, customer service, administrative support, and content production. The company’s outlook remains strong, with ongoing expansion in full swing.

What it’s like to work for Stealth Digital Media:

“Each day I come to work and assume the role of Fulfillment Manager. This is a specialized role with the company, which gives our other divisions peace of mind and assists in boosting their performance.”

“We work hard in a fast paced atmosphere which spawns great ideas, creativity, innovation, and rewards.”

“Our Digital Marketing Team handles our media buys very similar to day trading. This comes with a great thrill and allows us to take calculated risks. Every one of us is accountable to our strategy, performance and our bottom line.”